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10 Good Reasons for our hydrotrainer

Animals and humans are attached to each other. We feel happiness, closeness and we feel with them. We take on responsibility for their health. Hydrotherapy excellently contributes to this and is a standard available capacity in modern practices.


Everything in view at any time
Our efficient glazing on three sides provides you with a full all-round view of the patient. 


Versatile therapeutic treatments
The automatic inclination device, the counter flow system and the support by the upper frame enable you to provide an individual and optimized aqua-therapy.


Ideal conditioning for canine sports and agility
By means of high treadmill speed, counter flow system and uphill training, you specifically increase the performance of the four-legged pets. 


Operation on good terms
Thanks to an efficient heating and filtration system, only little expenses incur for operation of our hydrotrainer. Longer service life of the water saves time and money.


Spine-friendly and suitable for dogs of any size
Disposing of an easily accessible door entrance and an elevation adjustment of the treadmill level at both sides, the hydrotrainer is spine-friendly. Our big basins allow for an efficient therapy of any dog breeds – the small ones and the big ones as well.


Comfortable handling during operation
Valves of the hydrotrainer eco are easily to handle at breast height. You can handle our hydrotrainer pro even more easily by use of its manual control unit.


Always the right temperature
Water temperature is regulated by an efficient and easily adjustable heating unit. 


Quiet operation
Carefully selected component parts reduce the exposure to noise and thus a quiet and comfortable therapy is possible.


You and your patients have top priority to us – especially if it is about a safe operation. Due to a highly careful construction and installation, we achieve a very high safety standard you can rely on.


Good indoor climate
Water is not left open within our hydrotrainer 24/7 but is pumped into the tank quickly and easily when the hydrotrainer is unattended maintaining a healthy indoor climate in the therapy room. This system keeps temperature losses low and minimizes energy costs. 

hydrotrainer in Detail

Therapeutic Possibilities

  •  Incline option
    Automatic incline of the treadmill during operation; continuously variable at any working level. By working at inclination, you may increase training intensity. This training method proved itself in particular in practice (uphill and downhill simulation).
  •  Water level control 
    You can control the water level at your fingertips and do not need to control it using valves. Your attention is and always will be with your patient.
  •  Harness 
    The harness is a device to support and fix dogs with limited mobility. An insecure dog may be conferred a sense of peace and reassurance by use of a harness.
  •  Counter flow system 
    The counter flow system is another option in order to intensify therapy methods (optional).
  •  Treadmill speed 
    Treadmill speed may continuously be controlled having an especially smooth start.
  •  Efficient water heating 
    Temperature is easily adjustable to a comfort level. Heating is especially efficient and that is not only easy on the environment but on your purse as well.


  •  Automatic treadmill elevation
    Our hydrotrainer is appropriate to dogs of any height so that you do not have to bend down low when treating smaller patients.
  •  Wide glass door
    You can handle the door easily and without much effort. Dogs enter the therapy basin through the door easily and safely.
  •  Glazing on three sides 
    Optimized view from the front, the back and the side! In order to allow for an ideal gait observation, you are provided with a clear view insight through a very big picture window at the front.
  •  Quiet operation
    Carefully selected electric component parts enormously reduce noise during operation. Thus, even dogs that startle easily can receive a therapy without difficulty.


  •  Double filter system
    For removal of dogs’ hair and dirt. Filtering and reusing of water reduces water change intervals to a minimum. This influences working expenses in a positive kind of way. An intern water filter disposing of an ultraviolet lamp increases this effect.
  •  Easy to clean
    Our hydrotrainer allows for an easy and comfortable cleaning. The choice of high-quality materials makes cleaning even more easily. 

​ High-quality processing

  •  Materials 
    We use selective high-quality materials. Any part encountering water is made of stainless steel or high-quality plastic material. All component parts comply with applicable standards and safety regulations in force. We only use tested and proven materials in the hard-fought field of industrial permanent operation.
  •  Processing 
    Manufacturing of the device is exclusively „Made in Germany“.
    Our know-how as one of the leading manufacturers of underwater treadmills and our professional processing make the hydrotrainer a durable device of high quality and lasting value needing low maintenance.  


  •  Emergency stop 
    Safety plays an essential part in design of our hydrotrainer. Emergency stops immediately stopping the treadmill are placed within easy reach.
  •  Patient safety 
    Sensitive and difficult dogs accept aqua therapy by use of a safety harness without being stressed. Our hydrotrainer is especially secured having a paw and tail protection. 
Entering into the Field of Professional Hydrotherapy

4 characteristics why hydrotrainer is the professional device for therapy of your patients: easy, efficient, safe, durable

hydrotrainer allows for a very easy and safe handling so that you can thoroughly focus on the therapy itself. The device has been designed in a way it reduces your expenditure of time before and after operation as far as possible. Due to its easy cleaning solutions you safe time and money.
Several protective mechanisms ensure that your work is not only comfortable but also safe. hydrotrainer is manufactured, of course, according to the state of the art and generally accepted safety rules. We exclusively use high-quality component parts in order to guarantee a very high durability and low maintenance effort.

Why hydrotrainer is worthwhile:

hydrotrainer is an investment into the future. Hydrotherapy offers additional benefit to your patients or customers. By means of extended and better therapeutic possibilities, your profits and degree of popularity increase and you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

hydrotrainer pro and hydrotrainer eco – the differences

The pro-device stands for highly efficient work even at full use of the capacity. Thanks to a powerful industrial heating and pump, the pre- and post-operational period of the therapy is kept to a minimum. You can continuously control the pumping capacity and regulate it to a very noise-reduced performance. Therapy handling is done easily through its manual control unit without valves having to be used. It is possible to analyse therapy data of the patient and give it to your customer.

The hydrotrainer eco is the cost-effective alternative to our pro-version in proven quality. Having received an introduction, you can even assemble our hydrotrainer eco yourself. You can replace most component parts yourself. Of course, you may also make use of our service (Link auf Service-Seite) for this purpose, which is highly appreciated by our customers. Single parts may be manufactured in a colour of your choice, thereby making the hydrotrainer eco an eye-catcher fitting in the design of your practice.
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